Since 2001 the Dipartimento di Sistemi ed Informatica has a PhD program in Computer Science and Application (Dottorato In Informatica ed Applicazioni - DIA). The program is run by a Scientific Board (Collegio dei Docenti) under the coordination of Rosario Pugliese. The PhD program is part of the Doctoral School in Informatics, Systems and Telecommunications  (Scuola di Dottorato in Informatica, Sistemi  e Telecomunicazioni - SDIST) which includes 4 PhD programs.  SDISTI offers yearly a dozen grants and admits up to twenty students, out of these DIA offers two or three grants and admits five students, both Italians and foreigners. The entrance exam consists of a written and an oral part that can be taken also in English. In order to apply, students are required to hold an Italian "Laurea Magistrale" or a university degree equivalent to an M.Sc. degree. 

The objective of the PhD programme is to prepare specialists with a deep and broad knowledge of computer science and with a strong ability in understanding advanced research methodologies. The PhD graduate should be able to work on pure as well as applied and industrial research. The program has a duration of 3 years. The first year is devoted mainly to course work aiming at establishing a broad and solid background in the main areas of Computer Science. For the remaining two years, students do work towards gaining depth in the specific area that will be the subject of their final written dissertation (thesis).

The following is a list of the main research areas covered by the members of the Scientific Board:

  • algorithms for distributed systems: design and analysis;
  • imaging processing;
  • formal methods for system specification and verification;
  • programming models and languages;
  • design of approximation, probabilistic and on-line algorithms;
  • design and analysis of dependable systems;
  • security in distributed systems;
  • formal tools for algorithm analysis;
  • numerical computing and system modeling.

More information on the italian graduate degrees in Computer Science is available at the Coordinamento Nazionale dei Dottorati in Informatica.

The Director of PhD studies (Rosario Pugliese - rosario.pugliese chiocciola can be contacted for any inquiry about DIA program.